Intermediate Salsa Course – July Edition


Next Course Start Date: Thursday 8 July 2021
Time: 8:00pm
5 x classes (60mins)
Investment: $99
Location: Manly Youth Centre
Address: Kangaroo Street, Manly Beach, Sydney

In order to enroll in this course you need to be able to do these moves…
1. Basic, side step, open step
2. Right Turn
3. Enchufla
4. Cross Body Lead
5. Cross Body Turn (travelling 1 & 1/2 left turn)

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Get your Latin fix on Thursdays in Manly! It really grounds you in the moment and allows you to become present, buzzing, nervous, laughing and yet strangely relaxed. Whoever is leading (ladies are more than welcome to lead here) needs to learn how to listen but more importantly how to speak their intentions clearly. Followers on the other hand need to learn how to listen rather than predict. It’s all about letting go which is harder than it sounds. Once you do though… it’s a magical feeling.

Next Course Start Date: Thursday 8 July 2021Time: 8:00pm
5 x classes (60mins)
Investment: $99
Location: Manly Youth Centre
Address: Kangaroo Street, Manly Beach, Sydney

What we will go over during this course
1. Cross Body Turn – Inside
2. Cross Body Turn – Outside
3. Titantic
4. Enchufla Variations
5. Styling & Body Movement
6. Walk Through & Variations
More depending on the progress of the group

What to bring? Imagine you’re going to the gym. Bring water, comfy shoes, comfy clothes (presume you will get hot), a small towel is always a great idea too. Also, snacks help. Especially if you know you’re tired after work. Sweets or a banana always help as well.

If you have time, a shower and a quick brush of the teeth are always welcome for social dancing. Some people bring spare shirts if they know they sweat a lot which is always a great idea. Most social dancers bring a spare shirt. And we always provide deodorant and chewing gum at the door. Please indulge!

This is a covid safe event too. So you will have your temperature taken, asked to use the hand sanitiser and you’re required to check in via the app thank you.
Turn up early to do all the above covid stuff and get checked in thanks. 





See you on the dance floor!

The Dance Salsa Manly Crew

Additional information

select leader or follower

Follower (traditionally female role), Leader (traditionally male role)

New Course Start Dates 2021

6 & 8 July
10 & 12 August
14 & 16 September
19 & 21 October
23 & 25 November

Covid Safe Regulations

Dance Salsa Manly is a Covid Safe environment for all of our students. All students joining our dance lessons need to comply with the following health practices if they would like to attend our lessons.
1. Do not attend class if you are feeling unwell.
2. Use hand sanitiser when entering the building.
3. Sign in using our QR code provided by NSW.
4. Comply with any other rules and regulations that may be required at the time of the lesson.
Thank you for understanding and helping keep our community safe.